Thursday, December 16, 2010

Get Focused!

I really need to get focused! My little Santa calendar is counting down the days 'till Christmas and it's making me a little nervous. Rather than panic on my blog about how little time I have...I really should be working on finishing my Christmas projects...

1 quilt to finish
2 chef hats to start and finish
2 chef mits to start and finish

Think I can get those done?? We will see! The quilt is priority! I can't wait to have it complete. I will even post pictures! How fun! It has been quite the project and I have learned quite a bit! I would prefer to take a class on quilting now, but those are a little pricey. The up side of taking a class is that you have a mentor every step of the way! The down side is that it costs $$ and with it being Christmas and all...things are a little tight!

Brian has been working a lot of extra hours this week. Thankfully he has been able to go in later a couple days this week and I think it has really helped him out. Next week will be rough...with him not getting any days off and working even more hours...but a week from today it will all be over! That will be wonderful! A week from tomorrow we will be exchanging gifts in delightful!

I am just getting into this whole blog thing, so hopefully I will be able to post pictures and make it a little more interesting as time moves on. This is all you get before Christmas though - I have my priorities you know...

Well off to work on my quilt!


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