Friday, March 1, 2013

The start of something new

Usually people start something new in the NEW YEAR!  However I have thought long and hard about what I want to do differently this year.  Of course I want to make more memories as a family, make healthier choices, and grow closer to the Lord, but specifically...what do I want to do? 

I've decided specifcially I'd like to pray for my husband more.  This won't be terribly difficult because unfortunately it does not happen often now.  This should not be!  I want 2013 to be a year where we grow closer and begin to "train up our child" with good examples of how a husband and wife come together. 

Prayer has always been something I do throughout the day, but never really stopped and focused in on praying, you know?  I will start small at first and build from that point.  Every once in a while I will share a prayer on my blog.  I'd like to do that today because I really like this prayer.  A close friend gave me these little notecards with prayers from the book, "Power of a Praying Wife." 

I have a feeling I will be sharing a lot of them with you.  I encourage you to take a minute or two and lift up the same prayer for your husband (or wife for that matter). 

"Lord, I pray that You would protect our marriage from anythign that would harm or destroy it.  Shield it from our own selfishness and neglect, from the evil plans and desire of others, and from unhealthy or dangerous situations.  May there be no thoughts of divorce or infidelity in our hearts and none in our future.  Set us free from past hurts , memories, and ties from previous relationships and unrealistic expemctations of one another.  I pray that there be no jealousy in either of us, or the low self-estemm that precedes that.  Let nothing come into our hearts and habits that would threaten the marriage in any way, especially influences like alcohol, durgs, gambling, pornography, luch, or obsessions.  Unite us in a bond of friendship, commitment, generosity, and understanding.  Eliminate our immaturity, hostility or feeling of inadequacy.  Help us to make time for one another alon, to nurture and renew the marriage and remind ourselves of the reasons we were married in the first place.  I pray that Brian will be so commited to You, Lord, that his commitment to me will not waiver, no matter what storms may come.  I pray that our love for each other will grow stronger every day, so that we will never leave a legacy of divorce to our children. "

All of this I agree Jesus' name. 


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