Sunday, February 10, 2013

8 Months!

 YAY!!!  Claire is 8 months old this weekend! I tell ya, she just gets more fun the older she gets! I love it.  We had a lovely weekend while Dad was out snowboarding.  We definitely missed him, but we also had a good time while he was gone.  We took some time to take her 8 month-old pics - which I did NOT realize she had her size 6 month jeans on!  OOPS!  I thought her little gut stuck out a bit much!  lol
Oh well - she's still adorable.  She's quite the little model - with putting her hands behind her head and doing a pouty-face. 

Here's my big girl standing up with just a little help!  I just can't believe that in no time at all she will be able to push that thing all by herself.  Right now she just stands there and doesn't move her feet at all.  She sure has fun standing - she absolutely loves it!  The toy she has in the picture is one that plays cool jazzie versions of kiddo songs.  We also have another great one with a barnyard theme.  She is just too fun to watch as she goes through her day discovering new things.  She's super close to crawling - it's not even funny!  Below you will see a series of a few pics.  I thought for sure this was it!  But once she got into the crawling position she gave up and flattened out.  It will not be long!!!  Get those gates up on the stairs!!!


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