Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  Ha - ya I know a little late!  Oops!  I have kept thinking, "Boy - I really need to do a new blog post."  Then...well...then life happens.

Rather than go into a ton of details and such I think I will briefly share what's going on right now in the Shoebox household.

Brian is getting ready to go on a snowboarding trip.  He's super excited and can't wait for the upcoming trip.  I hope he has a tremendous time because things aren't looking good for him going out any other time for the rest of the winter season.

On that note - Claire has started physical therapy.  She has been diagnosed with toticollis.  It sounds more daunting than what it is.  If you want to learn more click here. I've done some google-image searches and have found that Claire's case is extremely mild compared to some other babies out there! WOW!  Therapy is on Mondays and will likely be mid-afternoon and thereby ruining any opportunity for Brian to get out to the "slopes."  (one of many sacrifices he's made for our little monster)

Her 1st appointment was yesterday and she did SO well!  The therapist moved her around, stretched her, rolled her etc...and she really didn't even fuss.  She was soooo good! (no surprise here haha)  I hope the subsequent appointments are the same.

I'm starting a new job!  YAY!  I will be working at TransTech in Itasca.  This will end my days of commuting to the city.  I really did want to make it work.  There's just something so cool about working in the city.  The only NOT cool thing is when the people who live in the city look down at you and think you're lame because you're from "the burbs."  In their minds you have no interesting stories, your weekends suck, and you lead an underwhelming life.  Oh well - they will see the light someday.

We have decided to stay in our townhome for a couple more years.  This decision results in a couple things. 1) we will need to be more budget focused so we can save $$ for a big down payment for a single family home later on 2) more updating our home.  I have a couple close friends who blog about home renovation...I might be joining the cause! 3) we don't have to move/put up the house for sale soon YAY! WIN!

Ok - I believe that's all for now.  I will leave you with a few fun pics of my favorite baby ever.

My big girl is standing!
She loves her vanity set!

Look how tall she sits!
Lol - sleeping + holding foot

I'm 7 months!


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