Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 2 of of my "something new"

Perhaps my prayers for Brian will be offered up on a Monday through Friday schedule.  It's much easier for me to put it in my weekly schedule than it is for me to find time to steal away during the weekend. 
Since it is Monday morning I don't have much time to share, but wanted to post another prayer.  I appreciate those who are encouraging me during this time and I'm so honored that you'd read through this prayer - and perhaps offer up the words towards your spouse.

"Lord, I commit our finances to You.  Be in charge of them and use them for your purposes.  May we both be good stewards of all that you have blessed us with and walk in total agreement as to how it is to be dispersed.  I pray that we will learn to live free of burdensome debt.  Where we have not been wise, bring restoration and give us guidance.  Show me how I can help increase our finances and not descresse them unwisely.  Help us to remember that all we have belongs to you, and to be grateful for it.  I pray that Brian will find it easy to give to you and to others as you have instructed us in your Word.  Give him wisdon to handle money wisely.  Help him to make good decision as to how he spends.  Show him how to plan for the future.  I pray that he will find perfect balance between spending needlessly and being miserly.  May he always be paid well for the work he does and may his money not be stolen, lost, devoured, destroyed or wasted.  Multiply it so that what he makes will go a long way.  I pray that he hwill not be anxious about finances, but will seek your kingdom first, knowing that as he does, we will have all we need."

In Jesus' name,

Thanks for sharing this moment with me.


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