Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby moon

This might end up being a 2 part blog session. It's after 9pm and my preggo body is fading fast. I am excited to share my wonderful vacation though, so I just had to post!

Friday Brian and I flew off to Georgia for our long weekend together. We really didn't have much of a plan, just to sleep in and eat well! That we did!

Our adventure began a little delayed at O'hare. There were storms in Chicago and storms in Atlanta. We ended up taking off (a little bumpy) an hour late and arriving at 1am local time. The flight was by far the bumpiest flight ever! Even Brian got a little woosie in the last minutes of our descent! Thankfully, I had already taken my morning sickness drug, so I just tried to keep my head laying down and my breathing calm! We picked up our sweet car at the airport...and both of us had a "duuuuh" moment! The agent asked us if we wanted GPS in the vehicle...we both looked at each other and remembered how awesome it was when visited Denver. She said with the car upgrade we could get it for like $20! We jumped on the opportunity! While walking to our shiny Jeep Liberty Brian checked his text messages...on his phone...on his iPhone! You know, the one with Siri?! The one we've had for months now?! The one that gives play by play directions if needed!! Oops! $20 mistake! Oh well.

Ok...well...I didn't get very far with this post because I really want to post pictures and my app isn't allowing me to right now! I will need to figure this out...more to come!

Next stop, Savannah!



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