Sunday, February 12, 2012

Caught up in the moment.

 Ever been there?  It's very easy for me to get excited about something in want to take to the nth degree.  I think one of the best examples of being susceptible to "in the moment" is during the wedding planning days.  You are planning for the "most special ONE day of your life.  A sales person's dream!  Everything must be magical and perfect!  The bridal mags make it worse because you are inundated with scores of designer dresses, gourmet meals, and party favors that will leave the guests oohing and aaaahing at your extreme thoughtfulness.  Somewhere along the line most brides have to make some tough decisions.  What to let go of and what to she'll out the dollars for.

I remember getting caught up in the moment during wedding planning. I'm sure it happened a few times, but one particular time it was during the purchase of the dress.  You know THE DRESS.  The one you put on that will most assuredly determine the couples happiness for the rest of your lives?!  Pick the wrong dress and you will forever be punished...pick the right one and you will have years of bliss ahead.  Well, it wasn't the dress so much that they got me was thenTWO veils I purchased.  Those sales peeps are trained to spot a weak area and go in for the kill!  Looking back, I know I could've made it down the aisle without any veil from the pricey wedding shop.  I loved the look, but in my heart know it was a symbol of "the moment."

We have arrived in another "the moment."

The nursery.  You know. The one that we will bring our new daughter home to.  Where everything needs to be perfect and explicitly for her.  The one that looks like something straight out of Better Homes and Gardens!  The one that you step into and just can't help but say, "Awwwwwwwwe".  Yep, a darling little room that screams of months of preparation and thought.  The one I happened to post a picture of last week was all that to me.


After another trip to the baby store I have come to grips that this child does not need a bedroom set worth more than her parents' entire bedroom (clothing included).  So after just a few short lived tears we left the picture perfect store and hauled ourselves right over to Ikea.  Nothing like a trip to Ikea to get the creative juices flowing. 

 We brainstormed, measured, talked and looked...

And came out excited with a new plan!  I don't have a picture of a possible whole room yet but I do have a couple pieces to share with you!




 Above you see the elements of the room.  We are pretty pumped to get this all together!  The crib shown is the actual crib we ordered from Target!  I can't wait to see it together!  

Well...stay tuned for more updates!


Jared and Sara Christensen said...

It will look wonderful, no matter what you decide to do with it. AND, I bet you will love it more and be more excited the more creativity you put in the project, vs. just buying the "picture perfect" stuff.

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