Sunday, February 5, 2012

So many decisions to be made!

Brian and I have entered the stage of pre-parenting where you make all the decisions regarding where she will sleep, eat, play, what she will play with....what the room will look like etc...  It's both fun and stressful at the same time. I have enlisted my friend Shannon to help with decor of the baby room.  Some of me just wants a super feminine room, but not super "baby".  The other part of me wants to be ridiculous and just go "all baby".  Brian is for sure on the more "baby" side. 

Here is a picture of the crib that we like the best. The picture is slightly different than then one we are actually getting.  I do wish that ours came with that cool storage drawer underneath the crib, but it doesn't.  We probably won't get the changing table you see in the background.  It's terribly small and has a limited time use I'm afraid.  There is a matching longer and deeper dresser that will be more appropriate for clothing storage as she grows up.

Naming this child is a task!  Brian is more of a traditional name person and I tend to like more creative fun names for girls.  We both seem to like Claire, however are bothered there is no short version of Claire for a good nickname.  Brian's mom assures us that no matter what she will have a name other than her real one, ha, which is good!  I'm trying to at least come up with initials that will assist with the nickname. So far all I can think of is CC or CJ...I'm pretty sure those are the only good ones.  Brian really likes Claire Marie, which is a cute sounding name for sure....but not completely sold on it.  The search goes on!  I have a list of about 7 middle names starting with C or J to run by Brian when he gets up.






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