Sunday, December 11, 2011

After over a year of trying...

I just figured I'd cut to the chase - haha!  I have held this in for long enough and have really been waiting to write about this for a VERY long time.  (well it felt like a long time anyway).

Since only a select few have been able to keep up with me or check in week to week, I figured I'd give a run down of how the first 15 weeks of the pregnancy have gone.  Some know much more than others at this point.  I have yet to decide how painfully...brutally honest that I'm going to be in written form.  After all, once it's out can't get it back.

Weeks 1-5:  No idea I was pregnant.  No sick feelings.  No tiredness.  No signs.

Week 6: My cycle (so I thought) had started during week 5, however had abruptly stopped after 1 day. I waited 3-4 days for it to return, however no dice.  I told Brian and let him know that I would be taking a pee test once I got home from work.  Unfortunately for him he wasn't home, but I had to GO and I didn't want to drink a bunch more water and wait until he got home to take it.  The test was a digital one, so fool-proof!  So I took it out, did my thing...and waited.  {blink - blink - blink} then...NOTHING.  The darn thing shut off!  I'm pretty sure the battery died or something - NO answer.  Brian got home and I told him what happened.  So we weren't sure what to do.  Finally we decided to go to Walgreens and just get another test.  We picked up a pregger test - AND - an ovulation kit!! haha!  This is how convinced we were that I was preggo.  At 10pm I took the test - within less than 30 seconds we were staring at the word "PREGNANT" on the little digital screen.  We just kinda grinned in silence. what?  Bad idea to take a test at 10pm...because you can't sleep once it's positive.  At the end of the week I went to the doctor and sure enough they confirmed.  6 weeks along.

Week 7:  Morning Sickness.  Whoever coined the term morning sickness was full of it.  I have a feeling it was some self-absorbed male that thought the "sickness" was all in the woman's head, so if he labeled it "morning sickness" women would only think about it in the morning.  I call bs!!  No way - NOT morning sickness.  All day and evening dizziness and feel like you're gonna gag constantly sickness.  Take that self-absorbed male. Thankfully the drug Zofran exists.  I probably thank God for this drug and the doctor that prescribed it (and keeps refilling it) more than any other thing.

Week 8-9:  Blocked.  Ok...I will spare those sensitive readers the details for now, but lets just say things hadn't "mooooooooooved" along since I found out I was pregnant.  Remember back in week 6?  Ya, that was also the last time and food product escaped from my system.  At the end of week 8 (or 9 or something) I decided to take matters in my own hands and drink some laxative tea.  Cleverly named, "Smooth move" this herbal concoction promised to gently and safely get things moving.  I drank 8oz as indicated close to bedtime on a Thursday night.  At 3am - things were clearly happening.  4am - more things were happening, but my system was VERY stubborn.  I some how picture the scene in Lord of the Rings where Gandolf pounds his staff into the ground and yells at the firery beast, "You SHALL NOT PASS!"  The unfortunate part of all this was that I reeeeeeeeally felt like I HAD to go...but it wasn't until 5 or 6am did things actually start evacuating.  Then - the morning sickness kicked in and I started vomitting.  AWESOME!  What a gift!  Now I can't keep water down!  By 8am I was a shaky, shivering, crying, exhausted wreck of a woman.  Brian came down stairs to say good morning and he got a lump of nerves that burst into tears - wimpering instead of talking.  At the doctor's instruction - I went to the emergency room and proceeded to not only get rehydrated but to rid myself of the 3 weeks of "build up" in my system.  Pheww.

Week 10-13:  Smells.  Bloodhounds had nothing on me.  I could smell whatever was brewing in our kitchen the second I pulled into our driveway. And most good smell were really too much for me to take...let alone bad ones.  Smells affected me so much that we ended up sitting in the foyer at church one Saturday evening because some guy sitting somewhat near us splashed on too much cheap cologne.  Ridiculous.  Preggos are ridiculous.  I  must admit - there is more to weeks 10-12...however perhaps for another day.  Let's just say my trip to the hospital was not the end of my constipation woes.  Perhaps more on that later...

Week 14-15: Made it to the 2nd trimester.  We arrive at current day.  I have an appetite once again and things seem to be regularly moving through my system.  Thank God.  The all-day sickness has tamed down and I have some energy that I didn't have during the first few weeks of this adventure.  I am told that I will gain more energy and feel super good in a matter of a couple weeks.  I'm definitely looking forward to that!

So - there you have it.  A run down catching you up to current day.  I'm so thankful God allowed us to get pregnant, but at the same time I had no idea what I was getting into.  I'm pretty sure I still have no idea.  I'm definitely nervous about things to come, but more on that later.


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