Friday, April 22, 2016

Delayed Happy Birthday post

This day has been a long time coming!  Eve is ONE today!  The little monster didn't want to share her birthday with St. Patty's or her great grandma...she wanted her own day.  (ha well jokes on her because she shares a birthday with American Express)  She also shares a birthday with Dane Cook, Queen Latifah, and Mike Rowe!

The above picture is one of my favorites...this is pretty much Eve's outlook on life.  Whatever you have in mind for her...she sticks out her tongue and does what she wants to do.  This little bundle of tenaciousness will (and already has) push me to limits beyond myself.  I don't pray for her as much as I should...and want to change that this year.  I must admit, the prayers regarding Eve have been more selfish in nature in the past year. "please help her stop crying, go to sleep, stay calm..." and on and on..."give me the strength to deal, to function w/out sleep, to feel better..."

That said, Eve is FULL of life.  Her whole body smiles when she's happy.  She loves to mimic sounds like 'Uh-ohhh' and 'Dadda' She LOVES her Dadda!  Whenever she's happy she's usually saying, "Dadda, dadda, dadadada,"  Brian loves this!  She loves eating bananas and string cheese and is still VERY in to babyfood and her bottle.  Transitioning this one is going to be a super challenge!  Eve loves dancing and hitting things.  We sometimes have to take toys away from her because she likes to hit her head with them. LOL

She loves her sister, Claire get the biggest laughs and the biggest smiles from Eve.  It's nearly unfair! I love watching the both of them grow older together and interact more every day.  I'm excited for the day when Eve says, "Claire," or "sis/sissy"  That will MAKE Claire's little day...maybe even week.

With that - I will leave you with some of my favorite pictures over the past year.
Brand tiny!

Claire loved Eve from the start.

Love this one <3 <3
First dress Eve ever wore!  LOL Christmas time!
She was SO proud of herself when she learned to stand
Eve loves being outside!


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