Friday, April 22, 2016

Cake in a mug?!

Recently the kiddo and I attended an impromptu birthday party. It pretty much sprung up the day before but we were excited to go just the same!  It was in one of those indoor jumping house places and was pretty amazing. She had 2 hours to run, jump, scream, slide, and climb until her heart was content. 
We reached the point in the party where we sang happy birthday and ate pizza. Shortly after the pizza...Claire asks me, "time for cake??"  ...ummm...I didn't see a cake in sight. LOL! I quickly told her lets just see what we can figure out at home. She's an extremely easy going child - so she agreed. 
I had 1 yellow cake mix at home and 1 can of white frosting. Bleh!  I did NOT want to waste my energy throwing this ridiculous cheap cake together only to eat 1 slice. So I took to the interweb and Pinterest!
There I found this wonderful "brownie-in-a-mug" recipe!  We were excited to embark on an experiment!

I sat her on the counter and we went to work!
Sugar - check
Flour - check
Oil - check
Cocoa - check
Vanilla, Salt, cinnamon, and water...stir...

Pop in the microwave and BAM!  Happy audience!   We had some heavy cream on hand so I showed her how to make whip cream!   Overall great activity, yummy, and it was super fast and easy. Mama and kiddo give this little experiment a thumbs up!

Check back later for more reviews or crafty ideas!!


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