Thursday, March 17, 2016

How to catch a Leprechaun???

Earlier this week I was explaining to Claire that we needed to wear green on Thursday for St. Patrick's Day.  This brought up the subject of Leprechauns.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I even thought about leprechauns...probably in the 90's when all those creepy movies were made! She made sure to inform me that IF we catch a leprechaun...he will HAVE to give us all his gold!  Now, this fascinated me because we really haven't talked about St. Patty's at all...also because I really don't remember ever believing this as a child so I thought it was adorable.
I asked her if she wanted to see if we could catch one...she said yes!  I later texted her babysitter that was coming that night and let her in on the project.  She came through with shining colors!  She showed up with gold coins, a box, decorations, and lots of stickers!  Brian and I left - and they went to work!

Fast forward to this morning...

Claire was slightly concerned that there was going to be a random leprechaun sneaking around the home.  She refused to go anywhere in our home by herself.  I had to prod and pry her away from my bed to come into the bathroom to see the green toilet water. (of course because the leprechaun had to go potty before he escaped)...let's just say she was slightly disappointed there was only ONE coin of gold in the bathroom...

We had to enlisted Dad in the next venture.  There was NO WAY  on earth she was checking out the trap w/out him.  The next video is about 3 minutes of...well..truthfully pretty anti-climactic footage, nonetheless, I'm posting it because I still think it's adorable.  Once we found the one gold coin - she was convinced we should put it back because he would be mad if we took 'em.

In the end, the leprechaun left behind a couple handfuls of coins, a green bracelet, a cookie picture of himself, and green potty water.  Maybe next year little leprechaun...maybe next year!


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