Sunday, April 14, 2013

9 and 10 months!

9 months old!
I'm ridiculously behind on my monthly photos!  Claire is growing and developing by leaps and bounds.  I feel like she went from barely able to sit up on her own to crawling overnight.

Ok maybe not THAT fast, but it does seem I discover she's learned something new nearly every week.  She is now very good at crawling and she pulls herself up on just about everything.  If she were taller she would definitely be climbing up on the couch all by herself.  She very interested in the world out there.  When she encounters something new she gets very quiet and almost studies it.  (this includes tasting it if possible)

She is 10 months old and wearing almost all 12 month clothing.  She has finally grown some hair, so hopefully won't be called a little boy anymore!  She's been fighting ear infections and a cold here and there, but overall I feel like we are nearing (hopefully) a "well" time.  I'm so thankful that her nose hasn't run in almost a week!

We did have to let her cry last night though.  How heartbreaking to hear your baby cry and not go and pick her up and snuggle her!  Brian and I concluded that in order to get her back on her sleep schedule (and not waking up every few hours at night) we needed to let her try and calm herself down.  Longest 30 minutes EVER! (ok maybe when I was in labor w/out pain meds at a point was actually the longest 30 minutes ever, but you know what I'm saying)  Brian and I laid in bed...just listening to her whine, cry, scream, and fuss.  Then...after 20 minute...silence.  Once Brian declared victory - and we were settling started up again!!!  10 more minutes of the same.  Little stinker!  She did finally calm down and sleep until 3am, then 4am... then we got up at 7am.  The point is - we didn't get up and pick her up.  Hopefully this helps her get back on track!  We will see tonight.

Ok - well I will leave you with some fun pics!

look what I made at daycare! (with some help)

mom and her ridiculous ideas for an easter photo...

Claire's "easter basket"
Claire's Easter Sunday outfit

10 months old!
wearing Dad's "favorite outfit" when he was Claire's age/  We had fun dressing her up in it and calling her "sport" haha


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