Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We made it a month...and a few days!

Silly Face
A whole month has gone by!  I feel like it's been forever since I've written on this blog!  I really need to get better at this if I'm going to make a book out of this blog for the year.  If you like pictures, you are IN LUCK with this post.  This post is really more for me than it is for you, but I'm sure those that browse will appreciate the pics.

I've done my best to collect the many different faces Claire makes on a regular basis.  I haven't gotten all of them, but I want to share the ones that have been collected, so here goes...

Milk Coma Face 
Interested...checking things out
"Blue Steel" (pooping)
Angry/Upset Face
Posed - too sleepy to care what Mom is doing with her.
Fighting sleep...sleep is winning
Sleep won.


Bonnie Hartian said...

Oh, so cute! Glad we got to meet her. She is such a sweetie and you are doing a great job, mom!

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