Saturday, September 10, 2011

End of week 4

Well, I've been at my new job for a full four weeks now and my 30 day review is today at 2:30. It's been a pretty adventurous 30 days. I mean, I started a new job, started a new diet (meaning eating healthier...and more often), and a new workout routine (which means I started to exercise on a semi-regular basis). I was going to throw "got pregnant in there too, but it would've been a cruel joke to the 4 people that read my blog.

The job is going well, I'd say. I think I have most the office people figured out and have my favorites picked out. I have a couple work-spouse potentials as well. Odds are I will end up with a work wife, which I'm good with. IT recruiting isn't exactly something you can just pick up and do and be good at. I was hoping these skills would come back to me faster than they are and I am anxious to become a productive a bit sooner than I am.

If in had to guess, and I am, I would say today's review will reinforcing that I'm a good addition to the team as well as a soft, but strong emphasis on the need to get me up to speed and productive as soon as possible. I do believe next week will mark the time that I start spending more hours at work. This won't last forever, but will last for a while. I knew it was coming, so now need to suck it up and step up to the plate. It's been a great honeymoon season! In think if I spend more time there I will also see results that would be cool.

Overall I'm happy with the job change because I'm excited about working again. This has given me a new thing to work on and be better at...and when I get better, I will make more money and that's always a good thing!

In other new Jr High is up and running, I have 8th graders in my small group this year...oh boy are they crazy! They're a ton of fun though, so I can't complain too much. The hubs and I are also part of a new small group for couples. It's with our good friend plus a couple of new couples. We met for the first time Wednesday night and it went really well. I'm really stoked about moving forward and building better relationships with everyone.

Well, I'm almost to work and I haven't even read a chapter in Judges yet (I'm reading through some Old testament books during my train ride).

I will follow up on how the review went.


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