Monday, September 26, 2011

Commuting in the rain.

So, the other day a friend of mine asked if I was enjoying commuting or hating it. After a long-winded response I came to the conclusion that I did indeed enjoy it. I am currently 7 weeks into my new job now and feel I'm settling in nicely. I still have no hires at this point, but am hopeful something will come through soon.

I continue to learn new things about commuting. For instance, if you choose to pay for parking with cash, always bring quarters because there are only 2 of 6 machines that take dollar bills and they are often not working...not to mention there's frequently a line at both of them. Also, choose a parking spot and use the same one EVERY time you park. No exceptions. Even when it's raining and you see a closer spot, don't give in to temptation, just go to your same spot. Reason will more than likely be distracted by the rain and getting your umbrella up, so you won't look at the spot number of your parking space. I learned this today. I was standing in line trying my best not to get wet (not successfully) and realized I had no clue what parking space I had parked in. Then there's that sound...ding ding ding ding ding...Oh no! No time to go look at what spot you are in!! So, I just picked one that I thought it might be. I usually park in 542. I got a little closer, so I paid for spot 536. We will see what the outcome is. Another lesson is, don't sit in a broken seat...even if you think you can handle it until your stop. It's truly just too uncomfy and distracts you from the things you like to do during the ride.

I've decided to get a monthly parking pass. It just makes sense, I mean the last thing I want to do is stand outside in the bitter cold worrying about what parking space number I am. With a parking permit I can park wherever and not have to make sure I have quarters on hand each week.

As the fall and winter seasons approach...I definitely need to beef up my supply of coats, sweaters, and boots.


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