Monday, December 10, 2012

6 months!

Quick update!

I just had to post and talk about how my baby is a whole SIX months old!  She's just about 16lbs and is getting more and more fun!  She has 2 bottom teeth and she has slept through the night quite a bit lately!

It's a typical December and it's hectic as usual.  Having a baby definitely adds a twist!  We made it through the 1st week of "holiday" and now we have 2 more weeks ahead of us.  Crazy!

Hmmm - 6 months...well Claire now eats just about any vegetable (except peas), any fruit (we haven't tried prunes) and we are now introducing MEAT!  Gross!  Meat in a jar just isn't right. Ever.  We are starting with Chicken & Apples (yes - both in the same container, that is a real-life mixture) and Turkey and Sweet Potatoes.  I figured we should ease her into the "meat" idea with a couple things she already likes. It's worked well so far!

Ok - I believe a couple of months have lapsed since I posted her "monthly milestone" pics!


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